Guides Application

Guides Requirements

  • The guides should take part in training sessions (held by the organizing committee) in order to:
    • become familiar with their duties and rights,
    • know how to handle different situations (e.g., if someone is lost, ill or has lost their property).
  • The guides should cooperate fully with their supervisors.
  • The guides should be a good performer and have interaction skills. The most important feature is to get along with different kinds of people.
  • The guides should know about different cultures and cultural habits. It is also important that the guides know their own culture and how other people feel about it.
  • The guides should dress appropriately; be patient; be prepared that things can go wrong; be friendly; be polite; and be calm and positive.

Guides Duties

  • Wear the IOI T-shirts and have IOI signs (or badges) so that they can be easily recognized in the crowd.
  • Welcome and guide the IOI participants at the airport.
  • Help the participants to find the buses.
  • Share information about the registration practices, hotels, the culture of the host country etc., while traveling by bus to the IOI hotels.
  • Introduce the environment to the delegation, for example the venue, the hotel, the cafeteria, the city, where they can change money, about the cultural issues in the host country, etc.
  • Make sure that everybody is in the right place at the right time.
  • Learn the names of the members in their group.
  • Attend the excursions and spend leisure time with the participants, and in practice take good care of the contestants.
  • Forward messages and information to the delegation, if there appear any changes in the program(s).
  • Make sure that no one is missing before leaving towards the IOI venue.
  • Count the participants at the excursions and make sure that everyone comes back to the IOI area from the excursion.
  • Make sure that everyone is in the right bus towards the right airport or other destinations.

Application Form

Please fill all sections in English.

Name all languages you can speack (other that English and Farsi), with your proficiency in each language.

Upload your resume here in PDF format. You can mention your previous experience in volunteer works in this resume.

In a video of legth at most 5 minutes, introduce yourself and name the reasons that makes you believe you are qualified to join the IOI 2017 guides team in English. The size of the uploaded video should be less than 50MB.