Invitation from Iranian Minister of Education

The Iranian minister of education, Ali Asghar Fani, has invited the IOI organizers, team leaders and contestants to the IOI 2017.

Dear IOI Organizers, Team Leaders, and Contestants,

On behalf of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, I am pleased to invite you to the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI 2017), to be held next year in Tehran.

Iran is the land of the ancient Persian civilization, the civilization that gave the world scientists such as Avicenna and Al-Khwarizmi (the originator of algebra and algorithms), and Tehran is the bustling capital of Iran, a scientific, cultural, and social center, and the home to many universities, mosques, palaces, bazaars, and a young population eager to interact with the world.

My colleagues in the Iranian Ministry of Education and the Iranian National Committee of the Informatics Olympiad have been and will be working tirelessly to organize this event, and provide a fun experience and an exciting programming competition for all delegates. We look forward to hosting you in Iran next year, and hope that you will leave the country with a wish to visit again.


Ali Asghar Fani
Iranian Minister of Education