Online Practice Started

The IOI 2017 online practice is now open. The task statements along with their attachments can be found in our practice page.

The online practice is open from June 25, 2017 to July 28, 2017. The grading system is available at this page. The live scoreboard is also available here.

The grading system used for the online practice is the same as the system to be used in the IOI 2017. The online system therefore provides the contestants with an opportunity to work with the grading system, and get familiar with it well before the on-site contest.

The characters and some parts of the stories in the practice tasks are based on mythical stories of Shahnameh (The Book of Kings), the longest single-author epic poem in the world which is written about 10 centuries ago by the Persian poet Ferdowsi.

A photo of an old manuscript of Shahnameh, composed in the 15th century. The manuscript is kept in the museum of Golestan Palace in Tehran, and is regarded as a key masterpiece of the Persian miniature. It is also included in the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register of cultural heritage items.